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I guess this is goodbye again

The thought of never speaking to you,seeing your sweet face, hearing your voice, or even getting another message from you ever again just breaks my heart into a million pieces.
  My heart is completely shattered. I don't know if that message was really from her or you just trying to disguise yourself as her as a way out. I guess I'll never know. I feel like I just died reading that message.I guess the only thing left to say now is goodbye.   I hope you find happiness one day it's what you deserve. If ever you decide one day that you need me and want to contact me I will always be here for you. I will miss you always my M even though you weren't really mine to lose. I'll  treasure the little time we did have together and I don't regret it for one single second.

OMFG are you serious

I just came across a group here called "I don't wipe my bum I like the dirty feeling." Omg I'm about to die laughing! Man that's nasty! i just can't believe someone would make a group like that. That actually sounds like a group my little boy would make up though lol. Oh shit I can't stop laughing. Thanks to the person who made up the group I really needed a good laugh. 

Kids need to go back to school

I love my kids but I am so ready for them to go back to school already. If I hear the Spongebob Squarepants theme song one more time i swear I think I'm going to lose my mind completely. lol

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