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The thought of never speaking to you,seeing your sweet face, hearing your voice, or even getting another message from you ever again just breaks my heart into a million pieces.
  My heart is completely shattered. I don't know if that message was really from her or you just trying to disguise yourself as her as a way out. I guess I'll never know. I feel like I just died reading that message.I guess the only thing left to say now is goodbye.   I hope you find happiness one day it's what you deserve. If ever you decide one day that you need me and want to contact me I will always be here for you. I will miss you always my M even though you weren't really mine to lose. I'll  treasure the little time we did have together and I don't regret it for one single second.

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Posted on 12:53PM on Jan 7th, 2013
Someone is lucky to have you in their life in this capacity. We could only be so lucky :) Hope things work out for the best!
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